Mud Kitchen Company - Let's get muddy


Mud Kitchen Company like to create fun and exciting things to inspire children

to play, learn, explore and grow!!

Muddy Kids are Happy Kids!!

Research shows that Mud contains Mycobacterium Vaccae which is a friendly microscopic bacterium

that stimulates the immune system and increases levels of serotonin! Let's Get Muddy!!

Here are 10 excuses to let kids get muddy with a mud kitchen!!

  • Encourages Creativity 

  • Builds Problem Solving-Skills

  • Uses Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Practices Listening and Taking Turns

  • Plays a Role in our Mood.

  • Inspires caring for the Environment

  • Invites Inclusive playful learning opportunities

  • Builds stronger immune systems

  • Invites a total sensory experience

  • Benefits the Heart and Skin

Did you know that Mud is an excellent medium for learning? Due to its sensory nature mud allows children to express their creativity whilst also enhancing their motor skills. Mud play encourages early maths and science skills as children develop theories, solve problems and measure and count all of the ingredients they cook up for their mud pies!! 

Great Play Ideas for your Mud Kitchen:

  • Why not Paint with mud? Add food colouring, flowers, grass, leaves - the list is endless as long as imagination is there! 

  • Build with Mud? Children could build a Bug House or hotel out of mud using sticks and stones

  • Create Animal Houses? Add your childs favourite plastic toys to the kitchen or station and create a house for them out of mud, leaves and sticks - they will soon be making their own rainforest!!

So, where should you set up your mud kitchen?

  • Try to keep the mud Kitchen away from High Traffic Areas so that your children can play freely with their sand, water and dirt.

  • Installing your kitchen near to a vertical surface such as a fence or wall creating that homely feel, why not add hooks to the fence or wall to hang all of your little pots and utensils? Our kitchens come with a large shelf at the bottom for storing pots, pans and baking trays and a smaller top shelf for smaller items like their toys, animals or maybe even a shelf for their water as all this fun is thirsty work!!

​Our Collections

Mud Station

Mud Stations.

The Mud Stations are great to get everyone around having fun.

Worktop Options

  • ​1 Bowl 

  • 1 Bowl & Hob 

  • 2 Bowl

  • 2 Bowl & Hob (Mighty Station)

Mud Kitchens.

The Mud Kitchen is perfect way to encourage children to role play and a great space for lots of messy fun.

Worktop Options

  • ​1 Bowl 

  • 1 Bowl & Hob 

  • 2 Bowl

  • 2 Bowl & Hob (Mighty Kitchen)


Chalkboard Mud Kitchens.

The Double sided Chalkboard provide that extra fun space for drawing and writing out all of your muddy recipes!

Worktop Options

  • ​1 Bowl 

  • 1 Bowl & Hob 

  • 2 Bowl

  • 2 Bowl & Hob (Mighty Kitchen)

All our products are hand built, painted and come fully assembled and ready to play with. We are a Derbyshire Based company and we really like to support local Derbyshire businesses where we can.


If you would like to modify anything to do with our mud kitchens/stations please message us

we are always happy to help. Get in touch at

Many Thanks,

Chris, Becky & George